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Friday, September 03, 2004
Is ET calling us?

Well I've moved house and I am slowly returning to normal life... whew! What a labour! No wonder moving house is one of the Great Stress Events in life. Since I went off-line it seems that SETI@Home might've had a hit! A signal from out in space ~ 1,000 light-years away. Here's a news link...

BBC Science

So it seems to be hype over a repeat found by data-miners in Germany. Little wonder really, since the 1420 MHz frequency used by SETI is decades old for space-transmission. Lasers are far, far better - but what if ET sent us a message instead? Via space-probe, that is...

BBC Alien probes

MSNBC ET should write

The point made by the article referenced is that sending large amounts of data on small, slow probes will probably need less energy than beaming all over the place with radio. This is quite true, even more so because solar-sail propelled probes would have a ZERO energy cost to the sender, except for planetary launch costs. Sent on a solar fry-by to ~ 0.01 AU a solar-sail with a thrust-mass ratio of just 2 would have a peak velocity of ~ 400 km/s. Even faster for gossamer probes with higher ratios - up to 36,000 km/s I have read, tho easier to aim for just 3,600 km/s.

Just imagine countless message-probes sent out like dandelion seeds...

Posted at 12:56 pm by Adam


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