Entry: Quick Links Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I am about 3 weeks behind for Uni and I'm moving house, hence this is a farewell before a hiatus. Sorry to all my fans... all three of you... (just kidding, I hope)

Some cool links...

KSC's Apollo Program page
That one links to lots of information on Apollo, including PDFs of old press releases.

Cool mission to Mercury, but SLOW! Don't you wish NASA had nuke stages for pushing probes around quickly???

Mercury Meeting 2001
Seemingly an old link, but our knowledge hasn't changed much since Mercury is still years away via probe. Thirty Years since Mariner X. Thirty. More than that since Apollo...

Man Conquers Space
The Way we should've conquered Space, according to Wernher von Braun and Chesley Bonestell c. 1952-54. Now a movie, made by an Aussie... cool.

So long for now. Back ~ two weeks or so. Assignments due 27/29th August and Moving c. 25-29 th. Yikes!


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